The Semblance of Certainty

When you pay for research, you’re buying “insight” (at least if your vendor is competitive in their use of jargon).  But perhaps insight should be sold with a disclaimer:  “Certainty sold separately.”  Or perhaps more honestly: “Certainty’s not for sale.” Too often in...

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Don’t Disrespect the Details

In the age of buzzfeed articles, facebook echo chambers, and the 140 character limit, oversimplification is rampant. While the tendency to simplify isn’t inherently problematic, the rate at which social media churns out broad generalizations is so dizzying that anyone...

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People Interested In People

It’s an oft recited mantra in many industries that “business is all about relationships,” but what does that mean? The word “relationship” loses some of its weight when it’s used in business to signify any association between people in which money changes hands. Let’s...

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